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this is the good life.

Rick is in OKC today with the guys. Normally when daddy is gone, his studio is off-limits to curious, tiny fingers. But this time Rick took most of his equipment with him, so I allowed Emery to sneak in for a bit to play.

I connected my iPod to the stereo and turned up the music. Emery found a little microphone. I assume it is for the bass drum, but it was the perfect size for her.

Dance Moves

She definitely can rock it! even in her pjs. :)

Now, we can't wait for daddy to get home so we can have a real jam session.

painting by Chris Cochran - the inspiration behind the band name "We Were Fiction." check out more about it here.


our LEGO movie!

Every once and a while, my little brother gets to come stay with us while my parents are out of town. We love his visits! So when he comes, we pack out the day with activities centered around him. Last weekend, we woke up early on Saturday morning and played with LEGOs over breakfast. As I watched Jacob play, he set up the most amazing action scenes. I told him he could make a movie... then we got this grand idea - let's make a movie!

I couldn't find my tripod, so we set up a table and taped the camera down. Really professional! We grabbed lamps from the bedrooms and took off the shades to help with lighting. Jacob planned out the scenes and decided to have the bank robber jump of the roof. I quickly drove to Atwood's to buy fishing line. Then, we were ready.

A couple hours later (due to an interested 2 yr old), we had a movie!

Obviously, we aren't professionals, but I'm pretty proud of my 10 year old brother. He is a master at LEGO set design!


these moments.

These moments are the ones I'll always cherish. The ones that bring tears to my eyes when I think of her. Just last night, I was tucking Emery in bed. I laid down beside her. Her eyes looking into mine. She was sleepy and so very still. I whispered to her to go night night and close her eyes. She did smiling with a big grin, every so often looking up at me. Our eyes connected and we would giggle a little bit. My arms held her tiny body close to mine. Every time I felt her little breath on my skin, I thanked the Lord for this precious gift of life.

No relationship comes close to the dependancey of a child on a mother. She trusts me. She wants me. She needs me. Those facts move me to the greatest action. Opening presents on Christmas morning doesn't compare to the joy I see on her face when she accomplishes something great, even if it is just peeing in the potty. When she pretends to go "bye-bye", she never leaves my site without blowing ten kisses. When she messes up and has to go to time out, big tears begin to roll down those rosey cheeks knowing she made a mistake that mommy didn't like.

Knowing these things, makes me better, makes me more consistent, and makes me cherish her.