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a pretty pink shower

The day is nearly here for me to hold my first niece. I can hardly wait for Madelyn Grace to arrive. In anticapation, a couple close friends and I threw together a celebration for my sister.

I have been dreaming of this day for a while. Here was the inspiration behind the shower. It turned out pretty perfect. The goal was to create a beautiful environment to converse with dear friends and family, soaking in the moments before a precious baby girl enters the world. That's exactly what we did.

My sister recently moved. We decided to host the shower in her new home doubling the baby shower as a house warming party as well. Heavy horderves were served on the buffet table in the formal dining room from silver platters. We sipped on pink fruit punch while catching up on the latest news with friends. 

After opening presents, we brought out the ribbons and lace to craft a few bows and headbands.

It was a perfect day to celebrate a dearly loved baby girl. Madelyn Grace is blessed to have such amazing parents like Sean & Lana. Now I'm ready to kiss this little girl and share motherhood with my sister.

links for inspiration and ideas: {diy tassle garland} | {table setting & crafting bows} | {ruffle cake}


a dream that became reality.

Today, I am blessed and full of thanks...

When I was three years old and my sister was one, my dad decided to leave the tax accounting department at Conoco to pursue his dream of providing Christian radio to our small town. My mom had already left years before to be a stay-at-home mom. My dad had a crazy dream, as I have been told many times over the years, but he knew God was calling him to purse something bigger than himself, bigger than our family.

{My dad signing KLVV on the air in 1992.}

I grew up with a 60 foot tower in my backyard. I thought it was normal. Once they bought a building, I remember spending the night at the station, setting mouse traps before going to bed. 

In the beginning, my dad and Tony Weir were the only staff. I remember when the Weirs first came to town... hanging on Tony's leg as he dragged us girls around the station, calling Heather a teenager since they came when Tony was fresh out of college, and claiming their children as my siblings. They instantly became family. The Weirs, all seven of them, are one the greatest blessings in my life.

Today, I am amazed at what the Lord can do when a small town catches the vision of taking Jesus to the world through radio... and not just one station, but two... and now through internet and smart phone/tablet apps. I don't believe I have seen the end.  The vision continues and the mission becomes greater as God presents more opportunities.

Through this journey, we have developed so many life-long friends who have given their time and money to make this happen. I have been amazed every year at the sacrifically giving by listeners who believe in this same dream of taking Jesus to the world. Today, that very dream has become a reality. I have seen thousands come to know Jesus and have heard countless stories of lives changed, locally and around the world. 

I am forever inspired by my parents and their faith. They have taught me and my siblings many things, but the greatest lessons I've learned came from watching their faith in action. They didn't only tell us how to live for the Lord, but showed us. I have seen the most stressful of times during this journey and am thankful for I have learned Jesus provides and makes a way - always.

To me, the House FM and Praise 88.7 is not only radio to listen to on the way to work, but a story of how ordinary people came together to do something greater than themselves. I am thankful. As a result, my life is changed. I am more encouraged every day to pursue my dreams because I have seen them pursue theirs. My parents, the staff, and listeners are my heros. 

All of this is because of Jesus and him only.

Here is the story of the last twenty years and the vision that continues to reach the world:


ten years.

This morning, I woke up laying next to my husband, another year older. I didn't want to disturb him. He needed every minute of sleep possible, so I just stayed there snuggled close to him, wide awake. My thoughts drifted to his birthday celebrations in years past. Then I realized.. it has been ten years since the first time I sang him happy birthday. He turned sixteen that first year we celebrated together. I thank Jesus for all ten.

This day, every year, holds so much meaning. Definitely one of my favorites to celebrate. Maybe I'm a little obsessed with this guy, but really he is my favorite. 

I'm thankful to walk by his side. to love. to serve with him. to be adventurers. to dream.

I wonder what love will feel like in ten more years. I have learned that when I feel like I can't possibly love him more, my heart continues to stretch. I'm forever captivated and thankful to be his.

Happy Birthday, Ricky.