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Ahh!! May is here, putting together pieces of our lives we have been anticipating and praying for.  

April was a highlight month. Our baby turned two. I have said "two" 568,000 times in the past couple weeks, yet every time I ask "how old are you?"  She replies, "three." It's cute! :) We took a stay-cation the week of her birthday to celebrate and paint our home.  We did stripes on our living room wall.  I'm obsessed. We painted our kitchen white.  It's so fresh, so clean, and lovely to be in. We have the lower cabinets to finish and need to touch up spots, but we are nearly done. Emery attended her first (acoustic) concert this month with her little blue-eyed friend. We visited my grandmother for her 80th birthday celebration! She had 90 guests in attendance. She is seriously an amazing woman whom I love dearly.  I also got to love a little more on my bestie's baby.

And here is some special news... As of today, I have made the transition of going part-time.  This is something our family and team have been working towards and praying through for months.  I now have a couple extra days with my girl, and my job has become more focused on my giftings.  This is definitely a blessing that will be counted again and again.  Also, Rick and the guys will be finishing their album this month! I hear Rick play every night and still can't get enough.

Summer (at least feels like it) is here!! Looking forward to the pool opening and time at the lake!

It's a beauty full season of life!  I'm thankful thankful thankful.

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Happy (late) birthday to Miss Emery! Cash tells everyone that he is three also then grins with a little devil smile. haha. Ornery babies! Hope you are doing well, I still just LOVE your website :)
May 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMindy

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