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this little life.

Over the last three months, I've been away growing this little life inside of me. It's an incredible feeling to carry our second child... and our second daughter. We are almost half way through and thrilled about meeting our little girl! Everything feels all too familiar... little movements inside my belly, squeezing into my jeans, keen sense of smell, and extra caution towards the way I approach life.

I find myself daydreaming about life with our new baby girl, Emery being a big sister, and us having TWO children. I think about the day Emery realizes we are bringing a baby home to stay with us forever. Someday, I want the girls to share a room and have mini sleepovers every night of the week, just like me and my little sister. Today, Rick and I were talking about whether our girls would start playing soccer or basketball first. Just saying "our girls" excites me!

For the last several months, I have missed posting our day to day lives on this little space. Soon I will be back into our regular routine, hoping to get in a few posts a week.


Friday, we go see our little girl again through the small computer screen and listen to her heartbeat. Those days are the best days. :)


a little beauty.

My beautiful niece arrived yesterday. We have been anticipating meeting this girl. She is everything we dreamed her to be and more. I love her oh so much.

Madelyn Grace | October 26 | 7:20 pm | 8 lbs 1 oz | 20 inches

Madelyn's Birth Photography Video

My sister maintained the best of spirits. She is so delightful and the best momma. My brother-in-law is the most attentive husband and father. These two are incredible. Madelyn is dearly loved.

I am over the moon in love.


pumpkin patch.

Emery was pretty proud of her selection. She chose five pumpkins, but we only let her pick one. She loves this place! We did the hay bale ride, pointing out the livestock and making animal noises as we passed by. We visited the petting zoo and ate the best homemade pumpkin bread. The weather was beautiful. We were happy and ready to paint our new pumpkins.

If I wrote out my favorite things about Emery, her love to create would be towards the top of my list. She is at her best when crafting is involved, completely consumed by the project at hand.

Hope you all are enjoying this season!